TD2500 Wood and Steel Type III Barricade

NCHRP350 Compliant: WZ-85, WZ-54
MUTCD Compliant


  • Type III barricades can be purchased as assembled units or component parts.and Legs and boards are available for individual purchase.and All TD2500 components are interchangeable.
  • Durable hot rolled carbon steel upright frame and base stand with 2" x 2" square tubing receiver.
  • Designed to accommodate two warning lights.
  • Distinctive base design allows for short term or permanent fastening.
  • Frame and base are protected with powder coated enamel paint.
  • Plywood boards can accommodate reflective sheeting on both sides.
Base Color :White powder coated enamel paint
Base Dimensions :60.00" long X 1.75 (each side)
Base Material :Hot rolled high carbon steel
Base Weight :8.5 lbs
Board Length :4', 6' , 8', 10', & 12'
Board Material :Plywood
Board Thickness :3/4"
Board Width :8.00"
Center to Center Dimensions :20.00" minimum
Height of Bottom Panel / Board of Roadway :12.00" minimum
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway :60.00" minimum
Height of Top Board Above the Roadway :60.00" minimum
Overall Height :60.00" minimum
Reflective Sheeting :Many options available
Upright Dimensions :63.00" X 1.75" (each side)
Upright Material :Hot rolled high carbon steel