• Detectable Warning Tile

    Detectable Warning Tile

    The DWT provides cues to visually impaired persons of changes or transitions in walking surfaces, such as, curb ramps where the sidewalk meets the street or on transit platforms.

  • Products From Recycled Rubber

    We use recycled materials

    We do our part in recycling. All of our plastic and rubber products are made out of recycled materials such as plastic polymer and scrap tire rubber.

  • Work Zone Safety

    Work Zone Safety Barrier provides worker and pedestrian safety, and is ideal for confined spaces such as manholes, sidewalk barriers, airports, and hospitals.

  • Mountable Curb Systems, lane seperation

    Mountable Curb System

    Our unique bolt-together system (at each swivel joint) allows for easy and precise setup along a desired path. Temporary or permanent.

  • Channelizing Traffic

    Provides a continuous detectable edge barricade - also known as a detectable pedestrian barricade - with hinges allowing up to 90 degree angles and plastic boards that can be adjusted to a 3% slope, to handle uneven surfaces in the work zone.

  • Safe Road Markers

    Our TD9100 Guardflex Guard Rail Delineator provides exceptional visibility on roadways where vision is restricted by hills, vegetation, curves, or snow.

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Traffic Works CalRecycle Made In The USATraffic Works continually expands its growing family off traffic safety devices. We manufacture traffic safety products using the latest innovations in recycled materials and green manufacturing techniques. Our traffic safety products are used internationally for both permanent traffic control, temporary traffic control, work zone safety, in parking lots, for event safety, in "safe routes to school" programs and more! Whether you need Channelization, Delineation, crowd control portable sign systems or elevator and escalator work guards; Traffic Works offers the right solution for your all road safety, highway safety, pedestrian safety and work zone safety applications. If you can not find what you want in our catalog call us and we will try our best to find a solution to you unique needs.

Barricades Barricades are among the most recognizable traffic control devices - found almost everywhere in the known universe - used for road control, delineation or crowd control situations. We make a variety of barricades.
Channelizers The function of channelizing devices or "channelizers" is to guide road users and warn them of conditions created by work zone activities. Channelizers made by Three D Traffic Works include stack-able cones, tubular markers...
Markers Markers are used to guide traffic, indicate obstacles or hazards and also for temporary and permanent applications. Examples of these are the Tubular Markers: TD5000 and TD5100, our Barrier & Guardrail Markers...
Delineators Three D Traffic Works manufactures a wide variety of delineators for use in temporary and permanent traffic safety applications. We have flexible surface-mounted delineators such as the TD5200 Boomerang...