TD2400 Type III Plastic Works Barricade

NCHRP350 Compliant: WZ-217
MUTCD Compliant


  • Reinforced ribs in the uprights provide extra strength that reduces bending and warping in hot climates.
  • All plastic materials are manufactured from specially formulated UV Stabilizer Polymer Alloys with our exclusive Cold Weather Protection Package.
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble.
  • Endcap for the TD2400 board provides internal support that eliminates tightening problems on hollow core plastic boards.
  • Unistrut's Telespar Tubing has Breakaway Base feature.
  • All reflective sheeting complies with ASTM4956.
  • Base Weight :Rubber Base: 35 lbs
    Board Length :4', 6', & 8'
    Board Material :UV Stabilized polymer with cold weather protection package
    Board Thickness :1.00" or 2.00"
    Board Width :8.00"
    Height of Bottom Panel / Board of Roadway :12.00" minimum
    Height of Sheeting Above Roadway :60.00" minimum
    Height of Top Board Above the Roadway :60.00" minimum
    Reflective Sheeting :Many options available
    Type III :YES
    Upright Dimensions :1.75" X 1.75" X 63.00"
    Upright Material :UV stabilized polymer with cold weather protection package