TD5300 Repo Post

The TD5300 Repo Post surface mount delineator is a two-piece unit consisting of a reboundable tube and an ABS base fastened together with two polymer alloy pins.

The TD5300 is available with or without sheeting.  All sheeting complies with ASTM 4956.01 standards.

Posts can be special ordered to any length you require.

Base Color :Black
Base Dimensions :2.00" Height X 8.00" Diameter
Base Material :ABS plastic
Colors :Fluorescent Orange, Yellow, or White
Post Dimensions: Flattened, Length, etc. :3.00" wide face. Heights of 18, 24, 28, 30, 36, 42, & 48 inches
Post Material :UV Stabilized polymer, Dioxin-Free
Recycled Content :90%
Reflective Sheeting :Many options upon request