TD11500 Park-N-Guard Heavy Duty Speed Bump


  • A guidance device that provides a physical deterrent or warning for motorists.
  • Ideal for traffic calming, work zones, garages, edge drop-off markings, bicycle lanes, parking lots, light rail, and driveways.
  • Durable Polymer Material is chemical and weather resistant, outlasting concrete and rubber products.
  • Unique groove system provides easy installation and improved adhesion for epoxy glues.and Bolt holes are provided for additional anchoring where desired.
  • Maintenance free.
Colors :Yellow & White
Dimensions :18.00" long X 8.00" wide X 1.500 " high
Material :UV Stabilized Polymer with cold weather impact modifier
Mounting Holes, Locations :14.25" apart
Product Weight :3.5 lbs
Recycled Content :70%