TD1150 WORKGARD Escalator Barricade System


  • Pedestrian barricade forms a complete barrier to protect against unnecessary pedestrian accidents.
  • This barrier is considered both Type I and Type II, meeting all OSHA requirements.
  • Four panel barrier sets prevent pedestrian access at the top of escalators.
  • Six panel barrier sets allow for ample work space in the escalator pit area at the base of the escalator while effectively preventing pedestrian access.
  • Modular design for multiple applications - any number of panels can be easily connected to form square, round, rectangular, or linear structures.
  • Available with C Clamps for escalator applications, or without for other applications
  • Colors :Fluorescent Yellow.
    Dimensions :42.25" Height X 30.00 Length X 1.25" Width each panel.
    Labels, Stenciling, Lettering, Stickers, Logos :Available upon request.
    Material :UV Stabilized Polymer with cold weather impact modifier.
    Overall Height :42.25".
    Product Weight :8.50 lbs with hinges & pins.