TD5500 Earthflex Ground Mount Delineator


  • Unique Earthflex hinge system allows for repeated high speed vehicle and tire impacts and return post to its original position.
  • The most flexible, durable, impact-resistant marker designed to withstand the extremes of hot and cold weather.
  • High visibility delineation ideal for marking highways, on/off ramps, curves, boundary lines, and parking lots.
  • Available in a variety of colors and lengths.
  • Insertion of the two-piece post and hinge into the soil anchor requires no tools reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • The galvanized steel soil anchor can be driven into compacted soils with commonly used tools.
Anchors :Galvanized Steel, 18" length is standard
Post Diameter: Round :2.250" & 3.00"
Post Dimensions: Flattened, Length, etc. :3.00" wide. 60", 66" 72", & 78" are standard
Post Material :HDPE with polymer protection UV stabilizer
Post Sheeting :Many options available
Recycled Content :50%
Reflective Sheeting :Many options available