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Detectable Warning Tile™

The DWT provides cues to visually impaired persons of changes or transitions in walking surfaces such as curb ramps where the sidewalk meets the street or on transit platforms; the DWT improves safety for sighted persons too! The unique formulation of the DWT allows the mat to conform to the underlying surface contours without compromising the product's durability. The DWT can be easily and quickly installed using common contractor tools by one person!

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From ADA Mats to Zone Markers, we've got the traffic safety device you're looking for.


We have the traffic safety device you need

Meeting the highest standards of safety and visibility, Three D Traffic Works manufactures traffic safety products using recycled materials for local, state, and federal government agencies, contractors, and private business. All of the devices manufactured by Three D Traffic Works are MUTCD compliant, having been tested and certified to meet NCHRP350, NTPEP, and State DOT certification requirements.

TrafficWorks continually expands its growing family off traffic safety devices. We manufacture traffic safety products using the latest innovations in recycled materials and green manufacturing techniques. Our Traffic safety products are used internationally for both permanent traffic control, temporary traffic control, work zone safety, in parking lots, for event safety, in "safe routes to school" programs, and more.. Whether you need Channelization, Delineation, crowd control portable sign systems, or elevator and escalator work guards, TrafficWorks offers the right solution for your all road safety, highway safety, pedestrian safety, and work zone safety applications. If you can not find what you want in our catalog call us and we will try our best to find a solution to you unique needs.

Barricades are among the most recognizable traffic control devices - found almost everywhere in the known universe - used for road control, delineation, or crowd control situations. Three D Traffic Works makes a great variety of barricades for you to choose from depending upon your needs. There are Type I and Type II barricades, and Directional Barricades, typified by our TD2100, TD2150, TD2200, TD2250, and TD2300. We manufacture an extensive selection of Type III barricades; TD2400 All Plastic with four different base styles to choose from, TD2500, TD2550, TD2600, and TD2650. For your Parade Barricade needs there is the TD3000 which can also be used as a sign holder, or sheeted as a Type I & II barricade.

The function of channelizing devices or "channelizers" is to warn road users of conditions created by work activities and to guide road users. Channelizers made by Three D Traffic Works include stackable cones, tubular markers, vertical panels, longitudinal flexible traffic separators, and barricades. Barricades are available in Type I, Type II, Type III, Parade Barricades, and Directional Indicator Barricades. Tubular Markers are used where space restrictions require the use of compact devices in temporary or permanent channelizing applications. For separating opposing lanes of traffic we recommend the use of our Boomerang Surface Mount Delineators, the TD5200, or the TD11700 Cross Block. The TD7500 Ringtop Slim-Line Channelizer, shown at right, is a 42" tall cone which utilizes our 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Rubber Bases.

Markers are used to guide traffic, indicate obstacles or hazards, and for both temporary and permanent applications. Examples of these are the Tubular Markers: TD5000 and TD5100, our Barrier & Guardrail Markers, (TD9100, TD9150, TD9300, TD9400, and TD9600’s) our TD5215 Island Marker, and other fine products.


Three D Traffic Works manufactures a wide variety of delineators for use in temporary and permanent traffic safety applications. We have flexible surface- mounted delineators such as the TD5200 Boomerang, shown at right, which are an excellent choice to channelize traffic through work zones, gore areas, on-ramps and off-ramps, parking lots, and other similar situations. Be sure to look through our catalog to see all the delineators we manufacture.


The DWT is uniquely formulated to conform to the underlying surface contours on which it is installed and yet remain highly durable in all conditions. This truncated dome tactile warning mat is quickly and easily installed by one person using common contractor tools! Available in Federal Standard Colors: Yellow, Blue, Brick Red, Black, Dark Grey, and Clay Red; other colors available as a  special order. This ADA compliant mat provides tactile cues to visually impaired persons of changes or transitions in walking surfaces such as curb ramps where the sidewalk meets the street or on transit platforms. It even improves safety for sighted persons!


The TD11700 Cross Block is designed to improve safety at railroad crossings, centerline medians, and other situations where it is desirable to reduce the potential for traffic crossover without restricting access for emergency vehicles. Situations where there is not sufficient width to install permanent barriers are places where  the TD11700 Cross Block should be used.

The TD11500 has been used successfully as a speed bump and as a warning device in permanent applications to delineate road edges, bicycle lanes, slow traffic through residential zones, and discourage drivers from using rail tracks.