TD5600 "Sentinel" TW-400

The TW-400 Sentinel is ideal for marking highways, on/off ramps, curves, intersections, or other high impact areas with repeated high speed vehicle and tire impacts, and then returning to its original position.

The TW-400 is manufactured using high-quality, recycled materials with impact modifiers and UV protection that combine to make the most resilient, durable, high-visibility posts on the market today.

Due to their superior flexibility, the Sentinel marker may require a pilot hole in compacted soil conditions before installation with industry standard post drivers.

The posts are designed for dual-sided applications of reflective sheeting, decals, numbers, or letters for use as guideposts, hazard, boundary, utility, or message markers.


The TW-400 Sentinel posts come with an optional 18" galvanized steel U-Channel soil anchor that can be driven into compated soils without requiring pilot holes.

An optional soil anchor barb is designed for anchoring permanently in loose, sandy, or wet soil conditions.and While driving the posts into the ground, the soil barb allows for easy penetration during installation but then unfolds, grabbing the surrounding soil to prohibit "pull-out" in poor soil applications.

Post Dimensions: Flattened, Length, etc. :48, 62, 66, 72, 78, and 84 inch legths
Post Sheeting :3" wide, Legths of 6, 8, 10, or 12 inches are standard
Recycled Content :100% Post Consumer recycled polycarbonate plastic