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- TD2550 Breakaway Type III Wood & PSST Barricade

NCHRP350 Compliant: WZ-85, WZ-54
MUTCD Compliant


  • Type III barricades can be purchased as assembled units or component parts.  Legs and boards are available for individual purchase.  All TD2550 components are interchangeable.
  • Breakaway Type III Works Barricade is available using Unistrut's Telespar tubing with breakaway base, bracket, and detachable feet.
  • An anti-rotation stabilizer bar between uprights for increased stability is available separately for barricade models 8 feet wide and greater.
  • Breakaway base yields to impacting vehicles.  Easily detachable feet allow for efficient transportation, assembly, and storage.
TD2550 Product Description & Stock Numbers.pdf
FHWA Work Zone Approval Letter WZ-85.pdf
FHWA Work Zone Approval Letter WZ-54.pdf
TD2550 Works Barricade product sheet.pdf

Board Length: 4', 6' , 8', 10', & 12'
Board Material: Plywood
Board Thickness: 3/4"
Board Width: 8.00"
Center to Center Dimensions: 20.00" minimum
Height: 61.50" minimum
Height of Sheeting Above Roadway: 61.50" minimum
Height of Top Board Above the Roadway: 61.50" minimum
Height of bottom panel / board off roadway: 13.50" minimum
Legs Dimensions: 60.00" long X 1.750" sq.
Legs Material: PSST
Legs Weight: 9.4 lbs
Reflective Sheeting: Many options available
Upright Dimensions: 1.50" X 1.50" X 62.00"
Upright Material: PSST

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